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​Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: No you do not! We would love to see you anytime! We do highly suggest bridal appointments on the weekends as we are at our busiest and want you to get the full attention you deserve. However, if an appointment time does not work for you, you are more than welcome to walk-in and we will make sure you are taken care of!

Q: What should I bring to try on gowns?
A: You and your sparkling personality! If you have key elements you want to incorporate, please feel more than welcome to bring them!

Q: How many guests should I bring?
A: There is no tried and true answer to this question. We recommend bringing those you feel will give you honest yet thoughtful opinions with your best interests at heart. Whether that is 3 or 30, we would love to meet your friends and family! Please make sure when thinking of who to bring, that they will let your voice be heard and you can focus on pleasing your own personal style. 

Q: How much do your gowns cost? (Bridal and Prom)
A: Bridal Gowns in stock typically go between $600-$2,000. We do have stock piece sales running throughout the year and can purchase gown for 15-30% off! There are higher and lower priced gowns we can special order but we normally stay in this price range for in stock gowns. Bridesmaid dresses range from $100-$230. Prom Gowns range from $200-$800. We do have one of a kind pieces that are $399 and under. Flower girls are $80-$250. Most being around $100

Q: What sample sizes do you have?
A: We pride ourselves in stocking an amazing selection of sizes. Our bridal samples range from size 8-26W. Our prom dresses range from 00-24W. Our bridesmaids range from 6-24W. These are NOT the range dresses can be ordered in. They can be special ordered in all sizes and depend on the designer. We measure every girl and make sure we can order the best size for you!

​Q: Will I need alterations and are they included?
A: At this time our alterations are at an additional cost and we do not have an in-house seamstress. However, we have 4 fabulous ladies we work with. We always say 90% of gowns ordered or bought "off the rack" will need some sort of altering done. Unfortunately all sizing is standard and even though we take measurements they are not custom made gowns. We recommend to budget $150 for bridal gowns, $50 for bridesmaids, and $75 for prom. These are NOT standard costs for altering. They cost may be more or less depending on what is needed. We recommend asking the seamstress for a cost estimate at the fitting, BEFORE any of the work is done to the gown. 

Q: How long does it take for my gown to come in?
A: Bridal gowns we need 4-6 months to order in a gown and approximately 2 months for alterations. We recommend ordering the gown 9 months before the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses need ordered 2-3 months and 1 month for alterations. We recommend ordering 6 months before the wedding. 

Q: We are planning a short engagement/my wedding is coming up fast and haven't found a gown. Can you help?
A: Absolutely! Have no fear, we will help you find your dream gown! We sell all of our samples off the rack with fabulous discounts. Also some of our designers have 4 week priority shipping or keep a running stock. Rush fees may apply, but we will make you aware of those before ordering. No surprise costs for you! 

​Q: What if I don't cry when I find the gown?
A: Some of us are criers, some aren't. Don't feel bad if your reaction isn't what you thought it would be. Some girls need to try on a lot of options with a lot of opinions, some need just one other person and to try only a few gowns. There is no wrong process. Whatever is comfortable for you, is comfortable for us and we are here to be supportive through every step of this amazing journey! 

You found your special person, now you need to find the gown! We are here to help! Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. As always we are more than happy to answer these and any additional questions by phone or email or in person!